Correspondence Project 2015-2016

Asa mixing kS inkThe Correspondence Project is a collaborative project which pairs the work of visual artists with the work of poets through the creation of a lithographic print. Two unique traveling boxes have been constructed from walnut trees harvested in Iowa: one for the visual artist and one for the poet. The visual artist’s box carries a 9”x 3”x12” block of limestone, weighing 30 pounds, along with the tools necessary to draw on the stone. The poet’s box carries several sheets of light mylar, nibs and ink. katia's and Nate's workThe boxes are shipped to the studios of the visual artist and poet. Each is asked to create an original work of art on the material included in the box and to ship it back to Iowa where the work of the poet and the visual artist are combined and made into a lithographic print, eliciting fresh associations both conceptually and socially. The limited edition of each pairing is 25 prints.

Asa pulling print

Current roster of artists and poets: Katia Santibañez, Nate Klug, Kathranne Knight, Michael O’Brien, Joshua Marsh, Kate Greenstreet, Cary Smith and Geoffrey Young. More about our artists here.


kg01h     Asa inking KS Stone    kg03h

This project is funded, in part, with support from the Iowa Arts Council, a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Learn more in this video for the NEA’s 50 states of art series.

For subscription rates and pricing or to arrange an exhibition, please contact us.